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If you have an issue with or questions about your Composite Acoustics, please call us at: Customer service, (877)860-5903. Or contact us via e-mail:

Composite Acoustics guitars are designed to give you a lifetime of trouble-free service. Carbon fiber construction is very forgiving, but just like any guitar, taking care of your instrument is essential.

What you need

Day to day care is easy. All you need is a soft cloth and some type of automotive polish or wax. The life of guitar strings will vary from player to player, but keeping them clean with a separate cloth and changing them regularly will give you the most out of your guitar. If a pickup system is installed on your guitar, refer to the pickup manufacturer’s users manual for information on battery life and battery replacement recommendations.

What you don't need

The great news about your Composite Acoustics guitar is that there is precious little to take care of! Our composite material does not shrink, expand, crack or respond negatively to the surrounding climatic conditions. So you don’t have to worry about oiling your fingerboard or humidifying your case. Even if you live in the Amazon, there won’t be any warping or swelling. If you’re a desert dweller, your soundboard won’t have a big split down the middle all of a sudden. These are scenarios that will not happen with a Composite Acoustics guitar! So go ahead, sell your humidifier and use the lemon oil for salad dressing. Just take your new guitar anyplace, anytime!

What about the frets?

The frets of your guitar are like the tires on your car. They have a lifespan which will vary from player to player. Some factors contributing to fret wear are technique, style, time, and string type among others. Some players will never need any fret work while others will need an annual fret job. If you do eventually need fret work, any qualified guitar technician can do it. There are no special techniques needed for our composite fingerboards. They can be worked and re-fretted just like a wooden fingerboard.

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