About Us

Composite Acoustics guitars are the brainchild of a proverbial rocket scientist: a former aerospace engineer and guitar aficionado with a vision and a lot of experience with composites. To this day, our team consists mostly of guitar lovers and dedicated players. We work every day to make the best guitars in the world.

With the implementation of modern technology such as CNC machining, CAD design, laser cutting devices and a nitrogen assisted paint system, we can control the tolerances of our instruments through every stage of the process, assuring a finished guitar that is as consistently perfect as it is beautiful. As with any high-end guitar, our process still requires much precision hand work and is complex and labor intensive. There really are no shortcuts to greatness!

At Composite Acoustics, we stand behind our product. Our customer service and care is exemplary and our quality standards are the highest in the industry. While we're constantly working on pushing the envelope, we'll always put sound and quality first.

At Composite Acoustics we know our roots: located in the heart of the south, with its great acoustical music culture, the development of our guitars is steeped in everything ranging from Blues to Cajun, Zydeco to Jazz, Country to Bluegrass. Grounded in our tradition, we have our ears to the world, creating guitars that have started a revolution. Great sound, cool innovation and hip design: Composite Acoustics — Fine Carbon Guitars.

Click here to learn about Composite Acoustics' work with the Raincatchers organization to bring guitars to the people of Haiti!